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Our Love

by Callisto

That moment we met
Our eyes never parted
I held you close
Our love had just started
Remember that kiss
Your lips like fire
Soft your touch
My hearts desire
We stayed together
For a while at least
Not ready to become
So our love decreased
Within it remained
Waiting for a sign
So we could be together
Your heart and mine
I found someone else
Not quite like you
Never satisfied with them
Thats when I knew
We were meant to be
You and I
With our love
Like the stars and the sky
Years have gone by
And together we are
Soon to be lovers
Never afar
I follow you always
Trusting you completely
Your love so great
You whisper so sweetly
I love you, my darling
My angel, my love
Were you sent here from heaven?
Sent here from above?
No one is more beautiful
There never will be
Side by side always
You complete me
And all through the night
I tell you this
You have been in my heart
Since that very first kiss.