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Men favourite lies!

by YAP

Earth consist of all humankind,
Both males and females,
Without either one of the kind,
Will lead to chaos.

I am a man, a TRUE man,
A secret of man i would share,
What's man favourite lies?,
I'll tell you now....

Firstly, I had no girlfriend,
Secondly, I love you,
Thirdly, Come to my house for a chat,
Fourthly, Open your bra only for me to SEE!

Its the ending, may i ask?
NO!!! There's more....
Let us see....
Fifth, I won't go IN, only OUT
Sixth, YOU won't get pregnant....
Lastly, This is my FIRST time 2!!!!!!

HEi..girls, dun be scared,
Not all guys are like that,
Dun judge by our appearance,
See our heart not our LOOKS!