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My love letter to you

by EEG

Dear You,
I never thought I'd find the love,
You give me everyday.
Sometimes I feel like I'm dreaming,
And when I awake you'll go away.
It's amazing what you've shown me,
With everything you say and do.
Everyday is filled with happiness,
Everyday is something new.
Take the way you tickle my back,
The way you look into my eyes.
The way you keep my spot warm for me,
Or how when we are together the time just flies.
Your laughter fills my soul,
And your smile fills my heart.
It's crazy how much I always miss you,
Every time we are apart.
You make me a better person love,
And just seeing you makes my day.
I'm thankful you came into my life,
And I pray that's where you'll stay.
I just didn't think I was capable,
Of loving someone this much.
I always knew it was possible,
But you changed my world with just one touch.
So thank you for being just who you are,
And for showing me what love can be.
Thank you for being the man of my dreams,
And thank you for loving me.
I love you,