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My Everything

by Lauren Waszkiewicz

You are always there for me,
You never leave my side.
You are my supportive shoulder,
On the sadistic nights i cry.

You can always make me smile,
It's like i have no choice.
There's always laughter in my eyes,
Whenever i hear your voice.

You're the one who helps me,
Through the darkest of the nights.
You comfort me with your kind words,
And tell me all will turn out right.

You are the one who never surrenders,
And helps me to go strong,
Forever, you seem to have my back,
Even when my intentions are wrong.

You always take my mind off
All the pain i feel inside.
you give me reason to stand up tall,
and banish my need to hide.

You are the only one i need,
And you know that this is true.
Nothing else in life matters
Because my everything is you.