Read Love Poems


by Jacob M Parnell

Lying in my bed.
Hoping you'll call.
Your voice in my head.
Curled in a ball.

My world has fallen apart.
And I can not sleep.
I can not feel my heart.
I just lye here and weep.

I miss you.
Eeach and every day.
I've got nothing to do.
My sight has gone gray.

You tell me you love me.
You tell me you miss me as well.
So we both agree?
Yet we live in this hell.

I need you now more than ever.
To guide me in this life.
I will do whatever.
And get us through this strife.

Then you finally call.
Talk about getting back together.
You set me up to fall.
Then break me like a feather.

My heart breaks.
I'm crushed so I cry.
A constant ache.
Always questioning why?

We do this once a week.
Over and over again.
Making me weak.
I think you win.

I give up.
I don't know what to do.
I give up.
I cant keep loving you...