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Could this be love?

by ..::Angel of your darkness::..

We've always just been friends
Sharing secrets and smiles
But something's changing
And it's been going on for awhile

Every time you look my way
I think I start to actually blush
I find myself asking
Could this really be love??

What would you do if I told you
I think I'm falling so in love
What would you think of me if I said
Friendship with you is no longer enough

So I just lay awake at night
Just lying on my bed
Can't seem to sleep no more
Since I got these crazy thoughts in my head

I picture you looking at me
With those dark dreamy eyes
Baby I find I'm lost for words
Because you but me on such a high

It's crazy but it's true
And I'm just dying to let you know
I don't think I can restrain my feelings
I'm ready for them to show

No more phone calls
Just asking if everything's ok
When I ring you next hunny
It's gonna be to ask you to come and stay

So what would you do if I told you
It's you that keeps me breathing
What would you think of me if I said
You the one and only thing I believe in

We've always been friends
And that use to be good enough
But baby I need so much more now
Ever since I fell in love