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Love Hurts

by ~* Joyful *~

I don't know what to think,
Was your love actually real?
All i want to know,
Is how you really feel.

You once said you loved me,
But that was so long ago.
I still can't keep my eyes off you,
I hope that doesn't show.

Why do you like her?
Shes my true best friend.
how can you do this,
My heart will never mend.

You left and said i love you,
You came back and said you don't.
I wish i could say the same thing,
But my heart knows that i wont.

I never meant to hurt you,
But i know i broke your heart.
I told you too get over me,
So we would stay apart.

Now i regret what i said,
But i know its for the best.
Your the one i trust,
Your so different from the rest.