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Everlasting Dream

by Allen

My life has changed,
no more does it haze,
ever since my heart was engaged,
oh, what a perfect phase

It all began with,
those three conquering words,
and will end still with,
those three perfect words

I fell into an everlasting dream,
oh what a place it was, a place
where all my dreams came true,
all because I was with you

A garden was created
two people were placed, lovers in truth,
there was a beautiful lady,
she was my forbidden fruit

In the wintering night,
forevermore we would embrace,
heaven, was when i was holding you tight,
lost in your beautiful face

In front of a fire-place,
here we would kiss,
and continue to embrace,
this was our bliss

My feelings were clear,
'I love you',
something trickles down your face, a tear
'I love you too'

We would kiss once again,
a secret prayer, I had spoken
it was to never feel the pain,
of us being broken