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Just Friends...

by Spanish Star

We were just friends
and I saw you every day
But suddenly things changed
I saw you in another way

What exactly did happen
its like my eyes just opened up
And everything around me
the hole world just seemed to stop

I didn`t understand this
so at first I got scared
That you would find out
how much I truly cared

I tried to pretend
and act like before
But we both knew exactly
what was in store

It was all to obvious
you could see it in my eyes
I saw it in yours too
the mirrors of the soul tell no lies

Nothings happened yet
but its only a matter of time
Maby tomorrow is the day
or maby by the time I finish this rhyme

I see you every day
so we cant avoid this
And deep inside we know
we cant resist this

But what is this thing
is it something real
Something that could mean something
something that makes us feel

Or is it something hot
just pure and simple lust
That will make us satisfy eachother
and leave with a trail of dust

No matter what it is
lets stay friends in the end
That way there will be
no broken hearts to mend

If its hot and simple lust
I would love to, so come on
Lets get it out of our system
so it will be done

But if its something more
if this thing is real
Promise you want hurt me
if I start to feel

A broken heart
is more than I can take
Cause you may think I am strong
but that`s all fake

I have been wounded
and hurt many times before
That is the one thing from this
I don`t think I could endure