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Broken Dream.. (Wake Up!!)

by xXxLittleAngelxXx

I know this boy, He's sweeter than the other guys..
And when He smiles the World just seems so nice!!
Late at night, I see him in My wildest dreams..
When I wake up it makes Me wanna scream:
That I Love Him, wanna hold him in My arms!!
But how can I show Him My charms??
Since he has found His girl to Love,
His Angel from above!! So..

Chorus: Girl, wake up!!
You're Living in a broken dream..
So, wake up!!
It's nothing what it seems..
Love has got You blind,
He is all that's on Your mind!!
He is now in Love..
The way that You are too!!
But the One He Loves..
Too bad girl.. It isn't You!!

I feel so lost, like I am caught in My own head..
But leaving this and moving on instead??
That's not the way I see that My Life should be..
Because I know, I want You just for Me!!
Your smile still makes Me melt like it used to do..
But the Love I feel isn't true,
You already Love an other..
But I just don't bother?! But..

Repeat chorus..

Only Your Heart could save My dream..
Only Your Love could save Me soul!!
And only You, that's how it seems..
Could save Me, make Me hole!!
But You gave Your Heart to someone else, so..

Repeat chorus 2x

So wake up and.. Leave this broken dream!!