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Broken Lullaby (Reality's Compromise)

by Carlee Ann

When I look into those eyes
My heart begins to shatter
And all the things I told myself
No longer seem to matter

I always want what I can't have
And I certainly can't have you
It would go against my dreams,
Against everything I knew

Why weren't you around
When my heart was whole?
Why didn't you show up
Before heartbreak took control?

I have to be so strong now
I can't give in again
But now I notice, more than ever,
How your smile is like heaven

I don't want to be strong
For once, I want to be weak
Have someone else take care of me
To give me what I seek

I see you everywhere
In my dreams, but it's a lie
Why can't they be reality
Instead of a broken lullaby?

You have no idea
I make myself seem cold
For I don't want to break
Your glorious heart of gold

And you don't make it easier
with all those words you say
Why couldn't you just be mine
For one single, god-sent day

When you look my way
I don't know what you see
But when I look at you
I see who I want to be

Would you wait if I asked?
I wouldn't, that isn't fair
At least tonight I'll sleep and know
In my dreams you'll be there.