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We Are One


As I look into your eyes,
your soul I do see.
A connection so deep,
I see a reflection of me.
The words we share,
are one in the same.
Our feelings run deep,
we can call them by name.
Many will stutter for
the words they will say.
For us they flow
in the most natural way.
The pains that we share,
when we bare our souls,
We find comfort together,
as our hands we do hold.
We are two birds of a feather,
We are two hearts joined together
We are two souls
that will forever be as one.
Cautious as our feelings may be,
We count on each other
to set ourselves free.
Expressing our emotions
in the shadows of night,
Yet the stars up above,
provide us with light.
Never shall we part
for it is you and I that beat with one heart.
One heart we do share,
A soul undivided,
A gift from God above,
He so well provided.
Yes miles keep our bodies apart,
But with the distance of the world,
our love shall never part.