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First True Love

by Mousie

Saying I Love You
Doesn't always mean it's true,
You'll get tired of him
And you two will be through.

Life will go on
Relationships come and fade,
Many guys will come your way
And soon you'll be ready to trade.

But that one guy
Is always there,
Through thick and thin
He's everywhere.

In your dreams
In your heart,
You know he's the one
That could tear you apart.

In the back of your mind
You know he lurks,
You love everything about him
Any flaw, any quirk.

He may not be all your firsts
First kiss or first dance,
But he'll be sure every day
To put you in a trance.

That's when you know
He's your big bear hug,
The one you want forever
Your first true love.