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Cinnamon Kiss

by Jessica

Laying peacefully in a bed of flowers
I cannot tear my eyes away
From the angel that rests close to me
Holding my delicate gaze all day..

The sweet aroma of honey
Floats through the air
I stare into her sea blue eyes
And run my fingers through her golden hair..

The warm rays of the sun
Flow slowly over me
My body starting to feel tingly
And the will to feel overtaking the will to see..

Gently I put a finger to her moist lips
She slowly lifts her glossy eyes
And as her ruby lips caress mine
The knot of love between us ties..

This supple feeling, this exotic taste, this magical moment
Is one I will never forget and will eternally miss
Lying curled up in the blossoms with an angel
We shared a cinnamon kiss..