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A Feeling That's Come Over Me.

by Natalie

There's a feeling that's come over me,
It's something I've never felt before.
When I dream it's you I always see,
And when I'm awake I'm wanting more.

You are the flame that lights my candle,
Brightening every beautiful day.
And when I whisper your name 'Mitchell',
You come and take all my pain away.

Without you I don't know what I'd do,
Cause it's only with you I belong.
Words can't explain what I feel for you,
And I know it's real, It can't be wrong.

You'll always hold the key to my heart,
Cause you gave me the strength to believe.
You pulled me through from the very start,
And promised me that you'd never leave.

You are always there to pick me up,
Whenever I feel the need to fall.
Even when I said I had enough,
You still stayed by my side through it all.

There's a feeling that's come over me,
And I can see it in your eyes too.
You love me and you have set me free,
I'm complete when I am around you.