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I Love You Mommy!

by Trish

I know it might seem that no one cares
That no one wants anything to do with you
But mommy I love you
If it wasn't for you,
I don't know where I would be
You're always there to stick up for me
To make me feel better when i am in a bad mood
I know you love me
Even though we have our fights
You're always there
I love you mommy
Not becuase you buy me things
Even though it may seem that way sometimes
Becuase you would do anything for me
You love to see me happy
I have a lot of happy memmories because of you
I don't know what I would do if it wasn't for you
To give me hugs when I cry
Or to help me with my studies
Or just to be there when I need some time with you
I love you mommy
Becuase you mean the world to me
Without you
I just wouldn't be the person I am today
You taught me so many things
And now I get to teach them to my kids when I grow up
I love you mommy
Not because you buy me things
becuase you mean everything to me
Happy Valentine's Day!!!