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The feeling of love

by nickie

The day you fall in love,
your life will change for good.
You may not understand it now,
but someday you should.

The fear of letting go,
yet the heartbreak of holding on.
Growing apart and growing up,
before you know it, they're gone.

Saying you're sorry,
doesn't always mean you are,
and sometimes you say things,
and take the situation too far.

But a little while later,
it will be okay,
because you love each other,
at the end of the day.

You'll smile because you're happy,
and you'll cry when you're feeling low,
but once you fall in love,
trust yourself because you'll know.

Trust in your heart,
not to make mistakes.
But don't think it's the end of the world,
if your heart unwillingly breaks.

If you fall flat on your face,
get right back on track,
Hold your head high,
and don't look back.

Pay attention to the future,
and what it has in store.
And never forget to look,
at each open door.

For love can make you happy,
make you bitter and make you cry.
Love can make you smile,
for it's magical and sly.

But if by chance,
your heart gets broken in two,
get back on your feet,
and soon you'll get through.

So forget all your troubles,
and go ahead, fall head over heals,
for you'll never know what love is like,
if you don't know how it feels.