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Perfect Guy

by Fredaeya

Close your eyes and imagine this;
him in your arms and his perfect kiss,
His perfect style that drives you wild,
and the perfect love to put it mild,
His perfect smile you can't forget,
And that perfect silence on the day you met,
The perfect day just doesn't end,
at least till the day he's your ex-boyfriend,
But the perfect sun just doesn't set,
On the perfect couple in there silhouette,
His perfect voice that says hello,
and his perfect trust that only grows,
His Perfect family in there perfect car,
waving goodbye to their perfect Star,
Now open your eyes and welcome reality,
The distinction between, want you want and morality,
As although in reality its completely forbidden,
She's still in love but its her secret, keep it hidden,
Realistically they've already said goodbye,
But she'll still imagine you as her perfect guy.