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Pathway To My Heart

by Kirsty palmer

When times get tough, and life’s not straight,
I search for someone who can open the gate,
The gate to the path of friends and love,
A gate much safer than the place above.

This gate is the one that leads to my heart,
It’s the one that you entered from the start,
Its where there will be a special place for you,
One no one else can fill that I know is true.

Now I know that no matter what you are there,
And with you all my secrets I shall share,
You help me through bad times like my rock,
We belong together, you’re the key, im the lock!

So now yes, times are still maybe tough,
But I’ve got you with me, and that’s enough,
The path way to my heart for you will be open,
And this will act like a key, and a token!

The doors will never shut, and you will always remain,
Its you that’s going to be there to take away the pain.