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Breaks My Heart

by Kristina

When I think about you,
It breaks my heart inside,
To know that you're with her,
And you'll never be by my side.

All I've ever wanted,
Was for you to be here with me.
For you to hold my hand,
And see what others can not see.

And it breaks my heart to see,
You walking down the halls with her,
Hand in hand, Side by side,
Looking into each others eyes.

I know I love you more,
Then she ever will.
She tells me everyday,
How bad you make her feel.

She's my best friend,
So why are you hurting her,
And why are you hurting me?
Can't you just let her go and be with me?

She doesn't really love you,
As much as I do,
I guess you're just to blind to see,
How much you really mean to me.