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Making love to you

by Deanna

Look me in the eyes
and tell me no lies
Do you love me
Do you want to be with me
You come a little closer and whisper in my ear
You tell me exactly what i want to hear
Tonight I'm going to let all my love for you burst
All you have to do is quench my thirst
Look me in the eye
and don't be shy
You know exactly what I want from you
and i know you want it to
Oh baby your kiss tastes so sweet
I cant take it anymore
lets turn up the heat
and get lost between the sheets
Your body against my body
Baby your such a hottie
Your touching gets me so excited
I cant take it N E more, I cant hide it
My hands wrap around you back
Ready for you to attack
I feel you deep within me
Don't stop baby, I love this feeling
Making love to you feels so great
I'm so happy that your my mate
My one and only man
My love, your the only one who can understand
My love for you grows more and more each day
Your the only one i want to stay