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Eyes of Love

by Bill Turner

Looking into your eyes I get lost in what is
Wanting to forever be locked in your gaze
Feeling secure, truly loved for the first time
My heart is forever yours my gift to you
I will spend my life showing it in all I do

Our wedding day is on the horizon
In my heart I am already there
Belonging to you from the start
Knowing the path I must take in life
Walking it with you my twin soul, future wife

Words cannot convey the depth of my love for you
My heart is full of love but my mind cannot convey it
Words and images cannot do justice to the feeling I have
Spend your life with me and I will show you what I feel
Each day I will strive to make your dreams real

As we go through life together living the dream
Building the life we have dreamt of, alone and together
All of our hopes will become reality, manifesting before us
Love and happiness is our destiny...treasure for you and me
Every time I look into your eyes it is the future that I see