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I Will Be There

by myshiningstar14

As I travel the milky
way to your heart, my
eyes glisten at the
thought of your touch;
and like a sugar rush,
that pumps through
my veins, my heart
screams, I love you so

Standing in your arms,
makes me whole and
cleanses me when I'm
cold. Together I hope
to grow old, and I know
as long as I am with
you, I will never fold.
Through thick and thin,
through this sweetened
sin, I couldn't think of
a better place for me
to be in, because baby,
I will be there.

I will be there when you
want to cry, when you
want to die. I will be
there when no one
else cares, and when
you need a friendly
stare. I will be there,
my teddybear. I will
be there, to care, and
to make the rare so
full of those angelic
stares that take your
breath away.

As my heart rides the
tide to your soul, my
breathing gets caught
up in the freshness of
your beauty. This
beauty is unmatchable,
and there is no on like
you on this earth.

Lets spread our wings
and fly, stealing time
for just one day. Still
I want to stay and lay
here with you. Your
fingers caressing my
face and as I trace
your lips, with my
fingertips, I know
that I can never
forget the way you
taste; the way your
strong body moves
against me, and the
way your lips, like
silver moon tips,
melt me to pieces.

I will be there when
you're feeling down,
when your world is
upside down. I will
be there when you
need a hand to hold,
and when you need
someone to never
let you go. I will be
there, my teddybear.
I will be there in
your dreams, in
your heart, I will be

As the rays of the
sunset shadow your
love, I can't help but
praise the one above.
Like a dove you came
to me, and still my
body grows faint
whenever I hear your

Carving your love into
my veins, I know the
pain we'll never feel.
This love will always
heal. I will be there,
to make you smile.
I will be there,
to be all you need.
I will be there,
to love you.