Read Love Poems


by Tinkerbell

I wait impatiently for you warm hugs.
I wait missing your voice and smile.
I wonder how long it will take.
I wonder when will this be done.

I spend my days daydreaming,
and my nights dreaming and praying.
Why do I have to wait so long,
for something that shouldn't even be gone.

The minutes seem to stop,
and days have hundreds of hours.
This is taking so long,
so long for me to wait.

I don't know if I can take it.
The unknown waiting is just too hard.
I'm weak and can't survive,
survive this long wait.

Everything drags on for way too long,
but this is something that I shouldn't be waiting for.
No choice but to wait impatiently for you.

You say that it takes time,
and that this will do us good,
but I'm not patient and can't wait,
can't wait any longer for your love.