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My boyfriend, my best friend

by Tainted Beauty

Youve seen me at my worst,
I have cried into your chest,
You have seen me in all my glory,
Feeling gorgeous in my prom dress,

You have told me you loved me,
And at times I didnt believe you,
But I meant it every time,
I said I love you too,

I have loved and cherished you,
It seems weve been together forever,
Youll tell me anything I want to hear,
You promised wed grow up together,

I want to make you happy,
I trust you with every one of my secrets,
Youve become more than a boyfriend to me,
I never thought wed be as close as this,

Youve stuck by my side,
When others couldnt handle me,
Youve been my soldier,
Standing behind me quietly,

Youve always been proud,
To call me your gorgeous little girlfriend,
I know that I love you,
You are my boyfriend, my best friend.