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Still is Good to Me

by Tinkerbell

Is it really so hard to see,
that he really does love me.
Sometimes he doesn't show it,
but my heart really does know it.

Sometimes he makes me cry,
sometimes I just want to die.
I have cried more than one tear,
and still have not one fear.

But it's not always that bad.
I'm not always this sad.
He still knows how to place a smile on my face,
so why is everyone always on his case.

He can make something bad seem good.
He can really change my mood.
If he's around, a frown turns into a smile.
All in such a short while.

No matter what happens between us.
I don't think there is a need for such a fuss.
I know that he still cares
and his heart on his sleeve he wears.