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The Luckiest Guy

by Goran Rahim

Dear the luckiest guy in the world, I don't know you,
All I know is you are the luckiest guy
Because the girl who I loved, is your lover.
That was my destiny, but don't know why

Respect her, please respect her
That is all I want from you.
As not every person can get her love.
Everyone is not lucky like you.

I lost myself in her world,
Even though I loved her a lot.
But what could I do?
My words were weaker than I thought.

I am still wondering
Nowadays how is this life to you?
Every second is brighter
As a princess said she loves you

Do you ever feel sad?
I don't think so still I am asking.
There is no reason to be sad
After you got that much loving.

I don't know if you deserve her
Because she is the best.
But please make her happy,
So my heart could get some rest.

You are the luckiest guy
As her lips said she loves you
And here a hopeless guy is still waiting
To hear a word; Even if she says "I hate you"