Read Love Poems


by Melissa S. Masucci

I spent years looking for love
in all the wrong places
finding temporary fixes
for an empty feeling.
But the lust never satisfied,
and the guilt of living a lie
overcame the ability
to enjoy what I had
and stave my wanderlust.

There has always been
in this puzzle, a missing piece
that has left my soul discontent and hollow.
And that unhappiness with
what I have and have had
is why I'd rather have nothing
and wait for the real thing
to find me.

In you I find the serenity
that I have so long searched for.
In the place I least expected
I have found, not lust,
not a temporary fix,
but that missing compliment
to my empty whole.
You are the piece that my
wandering heart has searched for
and found.