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I'm glad i found you!

by Amy

Thank you seems the best place to start,
To appreciate your kindness and your gold filled heart,
When I am down and I start feeling sad,
I know you are there and then I am glad.

I am glad I have found someone so true,
An honesty that helps me and gives me a clue,
How to solve my problems when I don't know where to turn,
With your help, from my mistakes I know I will learn.

You are there for me each and every day,
You make me laugh and smile in your own little way,
I can't thank you enough for always being there,
I know I can trust you and see that you care.

I love you lots as you already know,
I am here for you, should you start feeling low,
I'm glad I found you and will always hold you near,
You will never be alone for I am always here.

Thank you Shaun, for helping me through,
There's no other way to say it,
I'd be lost without you!