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The One

by Mike

Your the only girl who holds the

key to my heart,

Ever since the very start,

The girl I see when I dream,

The girl who truly makes my heart


The one who's gaze stops me still,

The one who's touch gives me a

loving chill,

My love for you burns so deep,

My heart will always be yours to


The one who I think about every


You are my Mrs. Right,

I just hope it's not to late for you

to see,

That we were always meant to be,

I know this has torn you apart,

But as long as your choice is true

from your heart,

Then I'll let you go free,

Just know my love is for eternity,

If your love for him his true,

Then I wish the best for both of


Ill put my love away to hide,

Where it will forever be kept to

burn inside.