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The Harshness of Reality

by Twisted Heart

They say that love can fill an ocean
sail a ship across the sea
Fly a kite above the clouds
or solve Life's mysteries.

They say mere words of love bring hope
mending broken fences everyday
It's known to heal a tarnished heart
or chase the blues away

They say that love is the answer
to questions we may have through time
and it's the only thing that matters
to give it up would be a crime

That is what they say to me
as I travel through my life
They never bothered telling me
how love could cut you like a knife

They never said my heart could die
that trust and faith would both be gone
or cause me to scream in pain
when I was treated wrong

They never said to me it crushes
mortals agonized and broken
because they too believed the lie
when those three words were spoken

The harshness of reality
that love has brought to me
Is bittersweet and locked away
and needs no company