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I Will Love You Forever

by Jackie Marie

I will wait for you
Don't worry about a thing
You are the only person I want
You are truly a blessing
You were sent down from above
You are my lovely little angel
Turning my life right side up
Making it all so blissful
When I think of you
I can't help but smile
I can tell you one thing
Waiting will be worthwhile
I want to be with you
For the rest of our days
This love of ours is not fake
And surely not a phase
When I look into your eyes
My heart slowly starts to melt
It is ok we can't be together right now
It was just the cards we were dealt
We can make it through this
It is not going to be very hard
Our love is so strong and pure
Not something I will just discard
So I hope you truly know
That we were meant to be
We will make it through all of this
Because I love you and you love me