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Love is....

by Choose xX Alex Xx Life

How on earth can someone say,
what love actually is,
the emotion the devotion,
is what it is.

But what about bad times,
times that he lies,
what about the lonely nights,
where you sit alone and cry.

love is more than just emotions,
its a game you have to play,
find the pieces, put them together,
and this will help you find your way.

to love someone is to die for them,
and be truthful in every word you say,
make sure he knows that you really do care,
and that you will never play.

to some love is a dream,
in which they want to see,
to hold hands with someone,
to love for eternity.

to some love is a phobia,
a dreaded thought of betrayal,
and to encounter loving somebody,
will leave them thin and frail.

so love cannot be explained,
as people have different views,
love is just a way of life,
and do with it what you choose.