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My Happy Poem

by Christine

So here it is,
The happy one.
Today I'll have a bit of fun.

A rhapsody.
A melody.
My opus and my symphony.

A delectable, delightful treat.
A candy, oh, a wicked sweet.

My soul.
A stroll.
Completely droll.
Delightfully out of control.

So here you go.
My vertigo.
My trip through miles and miles of snow.

Hold on tight.
Don't try to fight.
My happy poem,
Just drips delight

Like honey from a child's tongue,
Or whispers of the aging young.

A lullaby that makes you cry,
The tears of happy years gone by.

Watch your step,
The path is steep,
So take a breath before you leap

Into a world of endless bliss,
As charming as a baby's kiss.

And right when you arrive right there,
You'll never leave.
It's true.
I swear.

My world,
My truth.
My universe.
My haven in my merry verse.

It welcomes you,
With open arms.
You're flattered by its mirthful charms.

So stay awhile.
Right in the shade
Of the happiest poem
I've ever made.