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How could you

by Lauren

You told me you loved me
you told me you'd never let me go
but its been a month since we've spoken
and how i miss you so

i realise now that you were a fake
making me believe we had something
but now when i sit here thinking
i want to tell you just 1 thing

i thought you were my everything
holding me close. whispers in my ear
i tell my self, the whispers werent true
but my heart doesnt want to hear

the fact that you used me
and the fact you were a con
now look what has happened.
my hearts broken and all i thought i had, is gone

i feel empty and lost
and i dont want to believe it
but deep inside, my heart tells me to listen
to you. it was \" just a bit of fun\" wasnt it?

you tore my heart completely
you've left bruises deep inside
i dont like to think of you anymore
i feel like crying or findin some where to hide.

to hide away from the memories
that you threw at me.
that you left for me to remember
how could you do this? one day you will see

that some one actually cared for you
that some one was there
to listen to what you had to say
i can hardly bare to think of you. you treated me so unfair

yet i kept on running back to you
im so disapointed and i was so weak
to even think that you ever loved me
my eyes sting and start to leak

the tears of pain
and the tears of loss
but some how, theres still something there for you
why would you do this. thinkin im something you can toss

toss away like i was nothing.
like im some kind of doll.
im a doll with a heart
a heart that you ripped and stole

so im telling you now.
to think about what you had.
no body will ever love you.
or want you to hold as bad

so now im letting you go
maybe some day you'll realise
that i loved you so much
but for now..i lie in disguise