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The boy next door

by Brandy

I have known you forever,
at least that's what it seems.
We have been through so much together,
whatever that means.

It's nice when you pop up for a visit,
but you haven't done that in so long.
We would go riding for hours,
and listen to that same song.

I guess we hung out,
just a little too much.
Because we had that awful fight,
and didn't talk for a long time and such.

We would watch TV for hours,
cuddled up on the floor.
You gave me butterflies,
when you took my hand in yours.

You were my first real kiss,
after you there was many other guys.
But none of them will ever amount,
to that morning I got lost in your eyes.

I will always remember,
whether you do or not.
You a really good friend,
and I love you a lot.

I'm so glad were back friends,
It means the world to me.
I missed you so much,
your my best friend, can't you see?

To me your not just,
the boy next door.
Haven't you figured it out?
Your so much more.