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Shes my girl

by The Poetic Child

Perfection in her beauty
amazement in her eyes
once i take a glance
Its my feet that start to rise

Swiping me off my feet
she makes me feel so new
Heart beeping Fast
every time i hear "I love you"

Laughter and tears
Something we both share
so trustworthy in my eyes
my heart she wont tare

Love is in my heart with her
shes my starts in the sky
The reason to get up
The reason to give up my cry

I love with everything i have
and ill treat her like a Queen
Like the queen she really is
something to beautiful and serene

I need her so much
I need her in my life
Craving for the thought
That she'd be my wife

She's my everything
Shes my world
She's so beautiful
shes my girl