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You Cheated

by Ashley Williams

For some reason, that night I had a feeling,
But not that it was your heart she was stealing.
I was so sick that day,
And of course it was me you had to play.

You had no idea that I would show,
And apparently you had forgotten how to say no.
As soon as I walked in, you instantly fled.
How was I to know you wanted her instead.

I guess it just kills when I look into the mirror,
Look at myself and the story becomes clearer.
Either I was a complete fool,
Or you played it off as trying to be cool.

Now that I am doing better,
You always seem to call or write a letter.
Just your look and touch,
Bring back the pain that hurts so much.

I know that there is someone better out there,
But I dont know how to find him or where.
For now I will continue to search and seek,
I have many years to just take a peek.

I will find someone who I deserve and who deserves me,
I know it will happen just wait and see.
All the crap you put me through,
You'll see I'll come out a better person than you!