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I Didn't Think

by Nicole Erin x3

I didn't think I'd ever know
How hard it was to let you go
The memories all fade away
But I'm happy without you anyway

I didn't think you'd say goodbye
And when you did, I didn't cry
Because I knew the truth was untold
Now you have nothing left to hold

I didn't think of what to say
So I just turned and walked away
Then when I saw you one more time
You just asked for another try

I didn't think that I'd say no
But I knew I had to let you go
You lied to me and I had to believe
That you were truly in love with me

I didn't think about letting you know
How hard it was to let it show
So I'll do it now and keep it real
Because this is how I truly feel

I didn't think you'd love again
But it's ok, I'm happy with him
I've made my choice, and you can't stay
So I guess I'll have to blow you away

I didnt think you'd ever feel
The way you do now, it's so unreal
Your coming clean, but I'm not dim
And I'd much rather be with him..