Read Love Poems


by RyanBroad

I know you cant see it
You don't even think I care
I might not be with you now
But someday, I'll be there

I keep on hurting you
But that isn't what I intend
I'll just let you move on now
And leave your heart to mend

I love you so much
It's so hard to let you go
It shouldn't be this way
That's something we both know

It shouldn't be too long
Until we're perfect together
But someday I know
That we'll go on forever

I'm young and I'm foolish
That's why it wont work now
I'm just scared of being hurt
I'll try one day, somehow

But for now we sit
We sit, wait, and chat
Until that one day comes
And I turn round and say that..

I love you I swear that its true
I've waited so long and its all for you
This is that day which we've longed for together
Now this is the part where we'll last forever!