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Truth you'll never know

by Erica Joviec

Gave you my heart
i gave you my smile
and i hoped and prayed
you'd stick around for awhile

a year of my life
i can never get back
cause insted of looking at what i had
you looked at what i lacked

i refused to believe
what i saw was true
i didn't want you to like her
cause i was falling for you

fallin' for your deep green eyes
and a smile that put a glow in my heart
fallin' for the butterflies you gave me
fallin' for the fact that we couldn't be apart

as the days went by
i got more and more lost
i didn't wanna feel the way i did
cause i knew my heart was gunna be the cost

so tonight i'm sittin' here
tears in my eyes
cause my best friend broke my heart
and seconds ago i fed him lies

i said i didn't have feelings for him
and that friends was fine with me
i wished him and his girl the best of times
and said i was glad they're happy

so now when i see him
which is everyday
i have to hide my feelings
and pretend i'm okay

okay with his relationship
okay that we're friends
okay with the fact
that my hearts broke again

but he'll never know
about the tears in my eyes
about the feeling he gave me
about all my lies

cause if i were to say to him
telling him what was true
coming from my heart i'd say
"Honey, i love you"