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Your heart will never tell lies.

by BlueDreams

How's friendships created
What bonds their souls to each?
Isn't sharing their deepest secrets
Or the love spoken in their speech?

How's friendships kept
Through the strain that they may face?
Is it saying, "I love you"... sometimes
Or occasionally touching base?

How's friendships lost
When there seemed no end in sight?
By ignoring their pain and anguish
And not sharing in their delight.

I pledge to you, my friend
I'll never walk away
I'll share the good and bad
And beside you... I'll always stay.

And when life isn't worth it
When the tears roll down your cheek
Just close your eyes and listen
And from a distance... you'll hear me speak.

Though my words at times seem pointless
When no answers I seem to impart
Dont listen the way you have in the past
But listen with your heart.

For the important things in life
Are invisible to your eyes
You'll hear them in your heart
For your heart will never tell lies.

So, though I may be far away
Too far for you to reach
Remember I'm there forever
For I've told you in my speech.

Yet, distance never mattered
For distance will only depend
On the depth of the love I have...
And I love you dearly, my friend.

So when clouds are at their darkest
And no lining do you see
You have a friend, so close
And that friend, my friend... is me.