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Hate to love you

by Erica Joviec

I miss you
and you're sitting right beside me
i reach for you
but no hand i find

i drown in your eyes
and melt in that smile
you make me see the world different
you changed my life

if i had but one day to live
i dream to spend it in your arms
make up for a year of lies
i told myself time and time again

i try to speak
but no words can i find
to desicribe the feelings you hold upon me
and the scars i've pushed behind

i was never one
to believe in love
then you walked into my life
and i lost control

everyday i wish to tell you
or atleast try to explain
why i can't look you in the eye anymore
cuase of the heartbreaking pain

of seeing you smile
and look at me with eyes so deep
eyes that mean nothing to everyone
but the world to me

these tears are cause i know you don't want me
i wish you'd just understand
you complete me
and make me laugh again

once you reached for my hand
and touched my heart
so now i'm reaching back and hoping
one day i might touch yours

but no matter how much i want to screem
and nomatter how many times i cry myself to sleep
you don't seem to recognize
i gave you my heart to keep

the line between love and hate is thin
i hate to love you
but yet...
i can't imagine it anyother way.