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I dont understand...

by rachel

The things you said to me were always so real
I never thought you'd change the way you feel
You told me you wanted to be with me
Why didn't i see
You said it was me who you wanted to fall for
I believe you more and more
Every time your lips touched mine
Shivers ran down my spine
I never thought we would end like this,
with one blissful kiss
I wish i Knew
You were too good to be true
you left me here with a broken heart
and now I'm torn apart
you have never left my mind
but there is one answer i just can't find
why you hurt me the way you did
with all that Was done and said
how did your feelings change so fast?
was that just an excuse to put me in your past?
well good job, you succeeded
even though i pleaded
now I'm just a memory in your past of what you never needed.