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Other Side Of The Phone

by Karina

We've only talked on the phone
But I've never seen his face
I've gotten to know his soul
But not his facial embrace
Should I feel wrong?
For feeling what I do
Should I feel ashamed?
For thinking my love for him is true
It's just that
He makes me feel worth something
With every word he says
My heart just starts melting
He tells me what I've always wanted to hear
And his voice just erases all my fears
His voice is so peaceful and beautiful
And every conversation is so unforgettable
Every time I see his number on the caller ID
My whole body just starts shacking
I'm in love with the person on the other side of the phone
I don't know what he looks like
But I've already seen his soul
I don't know the color of his hair
But that doesn't change how much I care
I don't know the color of his eyes
But he still changed my life
I don't know If he's ugly or not
But that doesn't change the fact that I like him a lot!