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I Wait For You Back East

by Richard S

From gloomy streets of Hamilton
To blue Pacific shores
I send these pleasant thoughts to you
I write them as not chores.

Let lust for life lift spirits high
Let energies abound
Let absence make the heart grow fond
Let mysteries confound.

Let sand between your toes entice
Let sipping wine enthrall
Let summer have its way with you
I'll have you in the Fall.

You are a continent away
And yet I feel you near
You are a continent away
But still I have you here.

You're in my every waking thought
You're in my dreams as well
And if that were not true my dear
I could not leave my hell.

You are my inspiration bright
You are a guiding star
I look to you to feel alive
Even from afar.

You feel the pleasant wind of West
The North entices not
The South has no demands on you
The East is where you're sought.

If wings could sprout upon my back
I'd take to air today
And fly to you at brilliant speed
By your side I'd stay.

Have joyful times on far off shores
Have music, fun and song
But remember that I love you dear
For you I do so long.

Return to me with brightened eyes
Return to me anew
Return from far off journeys
Return with lightened views.

If but for a moment
Peace has found your heart
Let that moment linger
Let life begin to start.

Let pleasant memories foster
Pleasant times ahead
Let time I've spent apart from you
Be worth what went unsaid.

And so the world continues bright
With knowledge that I keep
That you will be returning soon
And love upon I'll heap.

So get on plane and come back East
With West a pleasant thought
Let Southern breeze remind us
What Northern storms can not.

That seasons come and seasons go
And on the coldest day
We think of ocean, sand and surf
We think of summer play.

And life like that can always be
If thoughts in stormy weather
Can turn to pleasant memories
Of mountains green with heather.

So if our life gets stormy
At times its want to be
Let breezes West in mind prevail
Let breezes West be me.