Read Love Poems


by Erica Joviec

Tomorrow I'll tell you
just how i feel
how you light up my life
how these tears are real

Tomorrow i'll explain
why we can't be friends
and why we seem to fight
end on end

Tommorw i'll stop lying
to myself and to you
i'll admit that your my everything
i'll admit you made me new

Tomorrow i'll forget
about this broken heart
'bout the scars you left here
'bout the time we spent apart

Tomorrow i'll stare
as i melt in your smile
as i get lost in those eyes
as i pray you'll stick around for awhile

Tomorrow you'll understand
the tears in my eyes
when i saw you with her
then you won't be surprised

The thing about tomorrow
is that tomorrow will never come
it's alway in the future
today is never really done

Today is today
and the past is the past
but it's never "tomorrow"
cause "tomorrow" never lasts

So someday you'll know
why my hearts full of sorrow
i'll tell you i love you in tomorrow