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Words Left Unheard

by awww

As I lie in my bed
I stare at the ceiling
Thinking of what I said
Thinking of this feeling

I'm not sure if its wrong or right
Maybe its both or just neither
All I know it lead to a fight
Where, sadly, there is no winner

You got hurt by the unexpected things I said
But I didn't want for confusion to happen
So I gave you a poem which I hope you've read
But this one is different, its 'bout me as a friend

A friend who's not saying, "I love you"
And "my feelings are honest and pure"
Instead lets you know, "I'm here for you
And there's no need to be insecure"

The reason of it all is me
But I want to show you I care
And that I'm still willing to be
Your friend and your crying shoulder

In my lonely room, here I am
Once again writing a poem
And as always it's left unheard
But for sure I meant every word