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First Kiss

by Twisted Heart

They're sitting at a football game
So close to fight the cold
But in their minds they're wondering
What the night might later hold.
They've talked a little as they watch
But their minds on other things
As the team runs on the field
They're lost in their own dreams.
She's thinking, maybe she should move
And take up the empty space
As he's thinking he'd like to tell her
How she makes his heart race.
But nothings done and nothings said
As the game goes on
Just two separate hearts are beating
So close like they are one.
A touchdown scored by their team
They stand and give a cheer
This is the moment they had hoped for
Because they're sitting nearer.
He reaches out and grabs her hand
He's holding it so tight
A simple gesture makes her reel
And fills her stomach with butterflies.
She looks at him and smiles shyly
And then he places on her lips
A touch of total tenderness
Of innocence, love's first kiss.