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I face my death

by BlueDreams

My despair will never ending,
Only the silence do I hear,
And friends to me are lost,
Amid my silence and my tears.

For the sunrise is always hidden,
The sunset... have never seen,
And hope is far removed,
From the joy which could have been.

Now hope is quickly falling,
Into a never ending pit,
And though I try to carry on,
To life... I just couldn't fit.

For I locked away your beauty,
Then I threw away the key,
I tried so hard to forget you,
But you haunt and stir... in me.

Will there ever be a sunrise,
Will there be a brand new morn,
Will I ever see the beauty,
In the sun at break of dawn?

No! I don't want to see such beauty,
For despair has stole my heart,
And deep down I truly know,
That we'll always be apart.

When your heart no more recalls me,
When at last I face my death,
Know... that when I left thee,
Your name was on my breath.

For I whispered your name too often,
And clung to thoughts of you,
When I should have bid farewell,
When I should have said, "Adieu".

But you were everything to me,
My today and my tomorrow,
Now all I've known is gone,
Replaced by sadness and with sorrow.

And though others... I may love,
For they'll cast their magic spell,
No one will feel the depth of love,
That I felt for you....Andrea.